Learn to build apps before the New Year

 – Users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile Web. –

– Users download on average 8.8 apps per month. –

– In May 2016, the average cost per app installation is $2.33 on Android and $1.46 on iOS –

– 78% of companies use paid media to drive app downloads. –

How much does custom app development cost?

Noting that the average cost to develop a mobile app can be $6,453 (or more). The average cost of an experienced, reputable US-based developer is $100-$120 per hour, and the average project takes between 60 and 80 hours.

Find out what this site would charge you.

Source: HowMuchToMakeAnApp.com

Ways to make money building apps

Become a developer and sell your services to local businesses, groups, schools and just about any other organizations out there. You can charge by the hour or a flat fee for a custom app.

Find a niche and create an app around it. For instance, build a cookbook or “how-to” app, then add Admob (Google Ads) and get paid with every view, click and install.

Find a niche and create an app around it. For instance, build a cookbook or “how-to” app, charge a small fee for it and get paid with every install.

Each account comes with its very own advertising platform allowing you to sell and create your own adds. Charge per impression, or by clicks.

When building an app for a customer offer add-on items such as Push Notifications, Geo Fencing, Monthly maintenance/update fee and hosting fee.

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