3 Free and Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business

There are thousands of ways to market your small business. The million dollar question: Which ones do I use?

There is no way of ever knowing until you test the different strategies.

After extensive testing and implementation phases, here are 3 of my favorites:

1. CREATE A STORY- This is my favorite strategy because it helps separate you from the competition and it brings exposure to your doorstep without ever going out and directly asking for it.

As you have noticed, I’m a 3yr Secret Service Veteran. When talking about fitness, world travel, shooting guns, and eating healthier, it tends to add credibility to my brand. Why? I walked the walk… not just talked the talk.

For example, let’s say you sell pillows. Selling pillows sounds boring and tedious, but let’s look at how you can make it pop and attract people to buy from you versus the competition:

First, create a story. Can you create a sleep contest at your place? Maybe it’s the city’s largest sleepover! Either way, create a story and the press will be there in no time at all.

2. Critical Online Marketing Checklist: Print this list and keep it next to your computer. It will provide you more traffic to your site or blog and a stronger presence online:

* Capture emails – Most people go through the motions on this one. Are you giving something away FREE in order to retain an email address? Are you capturing visitor email addresses upon them landing on your site?

* Get social – Even if you don’t like it, your competition is doing it. START NOW! Open an account on every major social networking site and devote 2hrs/week learning how to use them. They all drive traffic to your site; each in different ways.

* Threshold Marketing – Don’t be afraid to send an email 2 days in a row. There is no way of knowing the true demand of your marketing message until you test it out. I was always instructed to air conservative, but soon as I tested a back-to-back email I noticed it was taken very well! There’s a grey area and you should push to find it.

* RSS feed- Do you allow the option for readers to subscribe to your content via rss? If not, the time is now! Studies show this concept it rapidly growing; and you need to claim your fair share of the pie.

3. BLOG – An online platform for helping people understand your brand. A blog is simple to operate and very effective when used properly. In fact, blogs now receive more relevance with the search engines! In 2009, blogging has been ranked in the top 3 Internet strategies that every business must be involved with; that is, if you want to change with the times!